The Most Difficult Driving Tests in the World

In the UK there has been a constant debate over the difficulties of getting your driving license in full easy quizzz. Many will say that everyone can pass, and it the test was tougher back in the past’ while others will proclaim that this is the toughest driving test anywhere in the world. It’s amazing that people can pass it even at all. But, even though the UK is atop the list of the difficulty, there are more challenging tests all over the globe that are created to test the abilities of future drivers to their limits. This is a compilation of the most gruelingly difficult tests around the world that can cause brain damage even just thinking about getting them passed!


While you might hear people boasting that they were able to pass in two days in just one lesson (which is likely to be completely not true) however, the typical duration in the UK to pass a driving test is about 8 months. Compare this with Finland where it takes at least two years to get a full license. In this period of probation when a driver is fined and is convicted of a crime, the time period may be extended for a maximum 2 years. If you think this isn’t enough, before an individual is able to obtain a preliminary license, they must pass an array of tests and classes. They have to pass two tests one in winter and the other in the summer and take over 19 lessons on theory in which they learn about Finland’s rigorous driving laws. It is a long and complicated procedure, Finnish driving tests may be among the toughest.

South Africa

The rules of the South African driving test seemed to be designed to make the most difficult test around the globe. In 2007, in fact there were even protests over the issues related to obtaining a license. It may sound extreme however, some of the tiniest rules to be followed make the test equivalent to the one in the UK seem like an easy walk. You can, for instance, be penalized for the smallest tiny of mistakes. When you use your handbrake and it produces click, you’ll lose points. If you look at your gear stick while driving, you’ll lose points. Likewise and if you don’t make sure your tail lights are properly connected, you’ll lose points. Likewise, if you fail to look for leaks underneath your vehicle, you will naturally, will lose points. If your vehicle is moved back one inch in the course of the course, you immediately fail. However, these extremely stringent regulations have actually helped increase the standards of driving in South Africa. worse as a lot of people are driving without licenses rather than become insane when trying to pass the practical test.


The driving test in Japan is unique from other countries because it is conducted on a road that resembles the fake Japanese town. But this doesn’t make it any less difficult, since the arduous test has a passing rate of about 30. Drivers must maintain a speed of 19 MPH all the time and immediately fail when they cross the kern, fail make the right checks or stop within the required time from the traffic light. Strangelyenoughdrivers aren’t allowed to be allowed to drive if they do not come close enough to the curb while making turning left, because it is not permitted to leave space for cyclists to overtake this is the exact opposite of what the majority of road rules say! It is also possible to be refused a license when you don’t bend down enough to check underneath the car for animals or children.