Learn About the Basics of Town Planning

Town Planning and Town Planners in SA (2023*) Town Planner 🏡Have you ever come across the term ‘town planning’? If not, then let me tell you that it is regarded as a system which helps in determining the way in which a land should be developed efficiently in order to make a town or neighborhood. It may also refer to re-designing a space which already exists. Planning of a town can be categorized as land use management and strategic planning. Strategic planning is basically long-term planning of what you want to do in the upcoming years. This planning is usually carried out by the local as well as the provincial governments. Land use management, on the other hand, determines the usage of each part of that particular land.

Planning of a town usually consists of two parts. They include:

  • A document should be formed which should deal with subdivision several sections, like for instance, building lines, coverage and special uses. This document should summarize each and every control measure that applies to different zones.
  • A perfect plan should be designed and this plan should cover every aspect of planning a town.

About Town Planners

As far as the town planners are concerned, they are usually highly experienced people and have strong knowledge in their area of work. They usually have qualification in urban planning and are very much thorough with the regulations of the local government and also with the planning policies of the state government. There are several experienced town planners doing private practice now but were previously employed by the local councils. Various communities as well as government hire town planners in order to improve the quality of life by closely working with them at the time of planning the town. The responsibility of the town planners is to make optimum utilization of the land without causing any harm to the natural beauty of the place. They should make sure that the designs take into account the weather conditions prevalent in that particular area.